Beard Trimmer

Facial hair is a wonderful way for a man to show off his uniqueness. Your appearance and self-confidence will improve if you find the optimal mustache or beard style for your facial features. It will remain that way if you keep it looking well. A fantastic place to start is by looking for high-quality trimmers to attain your style.

Find the trimmer that is right for you!

You are in the right place, so don't worry. We'll assist you. You can attain your style with the help of our beard trimmer.

The beard trimmer has precision-ground, high-carbon steel blades made by our company that maintain their edge longer. It is also made with an ergonomic shape that is lightweight and simple to use. This corded or cordless trimmer is excellent for traveling.

Product Specifications

Blade TypePrecision Ground Blade
Battery Type2AA Battery
Motor / DriveRotary Motor
Cutting Length0.5mm - 12mm
Warranty2 years
Extras6-Position Adjustable Guide Comb, Oil, and Cleaning Brush


You can look and feel like your best every day with our beard trimmer.

  • Replaceable combs
    Each comb attachment is available for short (3 to 11 millimeters), long (13 to 21 millimeters), and stubble (1 millimeter) beards.
  • Blades That Last a Lifetime
    Whatever your grooming preference, long-lasting sharp blades will produce superb results.
  • Cordless Power
    50 minutes of cutting time per rechargeable battery
  • Easy to Clean with Water
    Includes a cleaning brush and charger, as well as washable combs.
  • Commitment-Free Style
    The result of more than a century's worth of inventiveness and skill.

Additional Conveniences

  • Matching AC Charger -
    Utilize the provided, complementary AC charging/storage station to keep your beard trimmer charged and prepared for the next trim. While charging is happening, an indicator light lights up red. 50 minutes of cordless power are at your disposal.
  • Bring it with you -
    For effortless grooming, while traveling, the charging/storage stand, comb connector, and beard trimmer are all portable.

How to extend the life of your trimmer?

By periodically lubricating the blades and using the included cleaning brush, you can prolong the life of your trimmer.


Follow the instructions on the product's packaging or user manual.


  1. For this product's blade, is lubricating oil required?
    Periodic lubricating oil maintenance is advised by the instructions
  2. With this, can you also shave your head?
    Although it's not made for clean shaving, this can be used on the head as well.
  3. Where is it manufactured?
    Australian manufacturers created this trimmer.
  4. Can you use it while it's charging? Can you still use it while it's being charged by an Ac source if the battery is dead?
    You may use it while it is plugged in if you take the charging wire out of the base and put it right on the trimmer.