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Australian-based Miles Darcy is a brand of grooming products for modern men who enjoy exploring new adventures. Miles Darcy is all about adventure, elegance, and originality.

Products for men from Miles Darcy are especially made to care for your style and ideal appearance. With minimal effort and optimum comfort in mind, we set out to design grooming products that will help you retain your manliness. We developed Miles Darcy after conducting in-depth research and consulting grooming experts, drawing on our more than a decade of personal care proven success. The end result is what we consider to be the leading men's grooming products.

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Beard Grooming Products


The Aristocratic

Now you can easily start creating your perfect look

Beard Oil

Taking care of a beard requires a lot of attention. A good product can nourish your beard, prevent dandruff, and protect it.

We've got a solution for you with our Beard Oil!

Organic beard oil by Miles Darcy is the ideal fusion of pure and authentic oils. It hydrates and nurtures the facial hairs to give you a gorgeous, handsome beard. In addition to its advantages for the hair, this 100 % organic Beard Oil reenergizes and provides your skin a youthful appearance.

Beard Comb

Want to transform the way you groom your beard? Yes!

With our exquisite anti-static wooden beard comb, we'll assist you to achieve the style you want.

If you love wooden styling tools, you'll love our beard comb.

This handy little tool was created to make it simpler for guys to maintain control over their wild beard hair. You can easily remove tangle and knots, which is even the most challenging sections of the beard

Beard Wash

Don't stripe your beard out of its natural oils.

Stop using the toxic ingredients contained in most modern shampoos that might harm your beard.

Our best Organic Beard shampoo enhances your charisma and masculinity and brings out the finest in your beard for a casual, self-assured, and spontaneous man.

Beard Brush

You want to style your coarse, curly beard into a sophisticated frontal panache, don't you?

Our 100% Boar Bristles Beard Brush gives you the ability to take care of your beard by gently massaging the hair follicles, untangling your loose, unruly hair, and promoting beard growth.

With its branding and packaging made in Australia, our boar hair beard brush works wonders for you because of its fine quality!

Beard Trimmer

Facial hair is a wonderful way for a man to show off his uniqueness. You can attain your style with the help of our beard trimmer.

Our beard trimmer has precision-ground, high-carbon steel blades made by our company that maintain their edge longer. It is also made with an ergonomic shape that is lightweight and simple to use. This corded or cordless trimmer is excellent for traveling.

Beard Kit

Do you have a long, dry, unmanageable beard? Do you wish for a groomed beard?

You can help yourself and keep your beard in great condition with our essential Beard Grooming Kit.

Everything you need for beard and mustache maintenance and styling is included in our Beard Grooming kit. Each product has a special combination of all-natural components to offer the best beard care. Using our Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard Comb, and Beard Brush, you can clean, moisturize, and condition facial hair for a bright, well-groomed appearance.

Body Personal Product


Get your Personal Grooming
Game On!

Enjoy a great nostalgic moment

Body Personal Care Cream

Say Hello to our antifungal, anti-chafing, jock itch penis & ball cream and farewell to annoying itches, messy powders & sloppy creams.

Our antifungal body personal cream works well since it combines several important natural components. Aloe vera, tea tree oil, and peppermint. These three are quite effective at preventing and battling skin infections. They also cleanse and hydrate.

Ball Wash

Soap wash that naturally cleans, soothes & moisturizes – great as a jock itch treatment!

Our Ball Wash Soap is specially made for men's intimate parts having PH and Antifungal properties. This multipurpose bathroom item contains all the things your body requires. With the assurance that you will feel refreshed throughout the day, start the day with a reviving boost in confidence and comfort.

Ball Deodorant

Our Ball Deodorant Spray keep you fresh naturally, free of parabens and aluminum.

Tea tree oil, peppermint essential oil, and aloe vera are the main constituents.

Even on the sweatiest of days, leave your entire body feels clean, hygienic, and comfy.

Ball-body Trimmer

Men's Body Grooming Trimmer makes landscaping simple!

With just this one incredibly handy piece of equipment that outperforms every other male grooming device on the market, the Miles Darcy 3 in 1 Ball, Beard, and Body Trimmer, you can maintain a superior standard of immaculate grooming in minutes.

Man Kit

Discover Miles Darcy nobleman!

Our Man Kit includes everything you need for your personal grooming. The intimate creams, deodorants, trimmer as well as wash are the must thing to your daily routine for freshness, and improved confidence.

Hair Products



Groom in style with a variety of stylish grooming hair products

Hair Shampoo

The moment has come for us to address that issue, we are determined!

After recognizing the men's struggle for many years and realizing the need for more effective men's hair care, we developed our Peppermint Hair Shampoo.

Our shampoo specifically designed for your thin hair that adds volume, cleans, clarifies, and improves the condition of the scalp, then must give it a try.

Hair Conditioner

Use Miles Darcy Organic Conditioner to nourish your hair!

Our nourishing conditioner works to smooth and moisturize your hair from root to tip and contains a combination of Pro-V nutrients as well as Argan and avocado oils. To combat humidity and reduce frizz, micro-moisturizers wrap each strand, leaving you with noticeably sleek and sensually soft results that last all day.

Hair Pomade

Want Hair That Looks Better?

Not to worry! With a natural scent, a solid hold, and a high shine, our water-based, paraben free Hair Pomade provides you salon-quality results at home.

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