Men's Hair Pomade

Want Hair That Looks Better?

Not to worry! With a natural scent, a solid hold, and a high shine, our water-based pomade provides you salon-quality results at home.

It shouldn't be difficult to use hair care products. That's why we want you to feel good about the products you use on your hair. We only utilize natural and plant-derived components in our pomade.

Product Description

Are you prepared to transform your average hair into something extraordinary? This hair Pomade will help you get the precise look you want, whether it's a modern, formal, casual, classical, smooth, or messy hairdo.

  • Get Additional Pomade
    Bigger is sometimes preferable. With our 5 oz pomade, you receive 150 percent more product than 2 oz sizes and 20% more pomade than standard 4 oz sizes.
  • Cleans Up Easily
    Our premium water-based matte pomade, in contrast to oil-based pomades, is easy to wash out, won't harm your hair, and won't clog your pores.
  • Contains Beeswax
    We use substances that are derived from plants and vegetables (like Bees Wax) to give your hair the natural hold and shine you desire.
  • Small batch production is used to guarantee maximum freshness and quality

    Because we place a high value on product quality, we make our men's hair pomade in small amounts to guarantee that it meets the highest standards. You will receive a pomade that is created with only the most recent components thanks to our frequent production runs.


  • A clear pomade. Light and delicate fragrance
  • Works well when a natural appearance, frizz-free hair, and textured definition are needed
  • Perfect for a firm grip needed for a current look such as a pompadour, side part, or slick back
  • Matte appearance with a light or medium hold. provides benefits for nourishing and hydrating the hair while controlling the frizz for a natural appearance.
  • It is simple to remove at the end of the day thanks to our water-based pomade.
  • For a little bit of added grip, our pomade contains beeswax.
  • Never subjected to animal testing. Cruelty-free.

Pomade is easy to apply

For gentlemen who lead busy lives, our matte men's hair pomade is water soluble. Men's hair pomade only needs to be applied evenly through slightly damp or dry hair, then styled as desired.

Bruh, don't just leave your hair dry and high.

It takes work to keep hair looking amazing. It requires labor, but we detest work. Any man can maintain his hair looking its best with the help of our selection of hair care products.

Usage Directions

  • Scoop out some cream, about the size of a cent.
  • To uniformly distribute the substance on both hands, mash your palms together.
  • Starting at the roots, rub your fingers through your hair to distribute the substance.
  • To style hair into the appropriate shape, use a comb.


  1. Is this a pomade gel?
    Yes, it is. Additionally, it had a medium grip and was water-restyle able.
  2. Does the violet pigment appear in your hair or alter its color?
    In no way. The color didn't alter in the slightest. And the pomade is more off-white in tone.